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This user guide is currently being rewritten in order to improve its accuracy and usefulness.

Before reading below, check whether the information you need is covered in the new user guide. Each channel consists of several basic sections: the chat box, the video, the playlist controls, the playlist, and the poll area. The chat box allows you to communicate with the other users chat parejas gratis the channel.

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At the top, there is a bar with the free wecam chat connected users. Clicking this will hide the userlist to expand free anime chat room message area. The userlist consists of all the names of users in the channel who are logged in. Right click a name to pop up available actions for that user. If you are not a moderator, you can ignore the user or send them a private message.

Moderators can use this menu to kick, ban, and perform other moderating tasks. At the bottom, there is a chat input bar. If you are not logged in, it will prompt you to choose a guest name.

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After logging in, simply type your message in the input box and press chat with opposite gender to send it. Certain types of messages will be interpreted as commands, which will be covered below.

Below the video, there are 2 strips of buttons for playlist and video control. Depending on your permission level, certain buttons may be disabled.

Filters and commands

Hover over each button free aberdeen naughty chat see what it does. The playlist is a list of videos that will be played in order from top to bottom.

Each entry will display the title and duration of the video. Each item has a few buttons to perform certain actions, the location of which depends on your user preferences. Click and drag playlist items to rearrange the order.

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The poll area allows moderators to conduct polls. When a moderator opens a poll, a poll box will be added to the poll area. Each option in the poll has a button next to just want to creemore, ontario with chat for you to select that option. Each IP address can only vote once, and your vote is cleared when you leave the. The buttons next to each option will display the of votes for that option.

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If it displays "? On the right column, enter the desired channel name and click "Register". If that channel is not already registered to princessmaya chatit will be created zam chat registered to your name. The website administrator may limit the of channels that can be registered to one.

The left column lists all channels registered to your name. Click the "Delete" button to unregister a channel. This will permanently clear all database information ranks, library, bansand state information playlist, configuration, MOTD, filters, etc and is not reversible.

You will be asked to confirm your deletion. This opens a dialog which allows you to manage various aspects of your channel, explained below.

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Chat filters provide a way for certain text to be recognized and changed in chat messages. For example, it could be used to transform curse words dgg chat strings of asterisks. Use the Emotes feature instead. Filters will be applied in the order they are listed. You can click and drag individual filters to rearrange them.

Under the "Control" column, the left button with a list icon opens an editor to change chat online international free regular expression, flags, and replacement for a filter. The red button with a trash icon will delete the filter.

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The "Filter Links" checkbox chats latinos en estados unidos whether this filter will be applied to links in chat. By default, this is off, to prevent filters from breaking links pasted in chat by changing them.

You can export and import your channel's filter list in order to back it up or transfer it to another room. The import tool chats arabic very strict on format and will reject invalid filters, so please be careful to store the exported data verbatim.

Channel emotes provides an easy way to replace certain words in chat with an image.

Each image will be rendered at a maximum of px by px. If this is too clear, you can use channel CSS to set the max-width and max-height chats of the. For example, if you want all emotes to have a maximum width and height of 70px:. The emote editing interface is similar to chat filters, except the emote cytube are automatically converted from coffee meets bagel chat room text to regular expressions.

Click on the text containing the image URL to change the image for an emote. The MOTD is a block at the top of the where you can display a Message of the Day to your channel, for example a header image, rules, or free troy sex chat announcements.

Use this to apply custom styles or colors to your channel. The permissions editor provides a way for you to configure what rank is required to carry out certain actions. Each dirty chat line option has a dropdown for selecting the minimum rank required to perform that action.

Since there is sometimes some confusion over "Open Playlist" vs.

The conversation

This menu allows you to manage the moderators of the channel. Moderators have most channel moderation permissions by defaultchannel admins have additional permissions such as promoting users to moderators and editing certain channel settings, and channel owners are equivalent to channel admins except they can also promote and demote administrators and owners. In the moderator list, you can use the Edit dropdown to change a user's rank, or remove california chats from the moderator list.

Cytube dropdown will be clear for users who have higher rank than you. The ban enid sex chats shows a table of ban entries for the chat. Hover sex web chat and dating a row to reveal the ban reason. The log allows you to see chat history as well as moderation actions, playlist changes, and other data about your channel.

Above the log text, there is a multiple select box that you can use to display only certain kinds of wants to talk text data e. At the top of theyou should see a button labeled "Options". This will open a dialog that allows you to configure various personal settings.

These are divided into 4. The theme selector allows you to choose a different colorscheme for the site. By default there are 4 themes.

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Slate and Cyborg are both dark themes, Light is a flat, light colored scheme, and Bootstrap is the same colors as Light but with added gradients. The layout selector changes how the elements on free sex chat newtonmore are positioned and sized.

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Compact and Fluid have chat on the left, video on the right, and polls and the playlist below. HD places video on top, then the playlist and chat side by side, then polls below chat. CyTube includes the ability to style channels with CSS. However, you can use this option to override these changes and use the default CSS. This option is deprecated. Instead, the client will automatically connect using SSL if the server supports relationship chat rooms. This is the of seconds representing how close your video will be synchronized with the server.

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For example, with the default value 2your video will only be forced to re-sync if it is at least 2 seconds ahead or behind the server. Smaller values indicate more accurate synchronization, but may cause a lot of unnecessary seeking interrupting the video. If you're having trouble with a slow connection, you may want ellesmere port chat with girls increase this setting to 5 or 10 seconds.

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