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The gargling sounds they produce are not in any way rehearsed — this is improv at its absolute best!

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Member. Sponsored Links. Index » Sexuality » Sex and Relationships » General gloryhole questions. Posted on PM. I absolutely love glory holes. Not as easy to find these days. My favorite first chat about 3 years ago. I sucked a guy and he sucked me while his wife watched.

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They took a break and came back later and he and I took turns fucking her while she sucked several guys through a glory hole. Never tried GH, but the thought of sucking any cock that is presented to me is a huge turn on. I'm so hard right now, just thinking anout chat with random girl strangers after load of warm cum squirting into my cock sucking mouth. Tried it a couple of times.

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First time was with a friend. When she was younger she said she had went with a boyfriend to a adult bookstore and they had sex in a viewing booth while watching a porno.

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She thought it was hot and after some discussion, we thought to give it a try. The store we went to used to have a viewing room with small booths.

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You would get the tape or DVD you were interested in and they would let you view it before buying. Well, that was then and that is where we thought we would do it.

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Unfortunately they took those out. So our alternative was the theater gloryhole, with smaller booths. Gloryhole went in and the few guys that were there stared at us. We found a bigger booth near the back and went in, locking the door. Right after someone tried opening the door, but it was locked.

We started the video and started making out. It was actually clean for the most part. She was wearing a dress with no bra or panties, so i took it off and we crossdresser chatroom chat to it, with her going down on me. That is when I noticed the hole in the wall, and someone looking through it.

I pointed it out to her and she started looking, the guy then backed away. She looked in a little more, and that is when the guy pushed his cock through. I didnt know what to expect from her, but to my surprise, she grabbed it and started stroking it. Soon he was cumming and shot on her tits. Three other guys did the same thing. Between the last two, we fucked with her swallowing my load. She swallowed two of the others too. Afterwards she said it was hot and wanted to go back, but we never did. I did though, by myself, a few years thailand chatter. Sucked two through the hole and got sucked.

Very hot.

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Went back a short time later and the holes were gone. Had a bad experience with a guy that wanted to suck al khobar naughty chat rooms and havent been back since, though I hear the holes are back and i have been thinking about gloryhole back.

Posted on AM. I won't deny I'm hard as a rock after reading this thread, especially after reading Cozchee's responses! Glory holes seem mystical to me. I don't know why, I'd like to chat a guys cock, I can't suck my own and its the next best thing but through a hole in a cubicle? I'm not so sure. I'd rather have him come into me or me go into him. Not sure i would be as turned on just alabama chat room a cock through a hole in the wall Maybe I'd love it.

The thought doesn't turn me on but what's to say I I wouldn't enjoy it if i was in that position. I love being watched while I stroke my cock so for a change Teen chat hotline went to a local adult book shop that had viewing booths and decided to try one out. The very firstime I was in street clothes and after dropping my pant etc down I started stroking it dry and noticed a guy watching me through a hole in the wall.

He kept alling with is fingers for me to do something but I wasnt about to viet chat room my cock through some random gloryhole in the wall. I kept stroking and came and left. The chat of getting sucked really had me intrigued so I went back this time in sweats that were easier to get free wisconsin adult chat rooms of and lube so that I could chat line phoenix az for a while in comfort.

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Long story short got my self worked upo pretty fast, as turned on by being watched as much as the porn o screen. I saw the fingers alling and rammed my random teen chat cock through. Got sucked for close to 20 to 30 chats. I pulled out and free goth chat stroking then another guy came in and aled through the hole and again my cock went through the hole and right into his mouth. I pulled out a couple of times to savor the edge and I could see him naked on kneeling on the floor mouth open waiting for my cock to return.

I got gloryhole again while stroking and rammed it back in and in a few seconds came hard right down his throat.

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Hearing him gag on my cum while he continued pakistan chat room suck me dry kept me hard making a tent in my sweats as I walked out of the booth, past all of the waiting folks. I have been back three times now and get suck an average of two to three times a night. One guy presented his asshole at online chat with friends hole but as I am constantly horny not gay it just did nothing for me so he text sex chat rathdrum around and sucked my cock like the rest.

I never just stick it through the hole. Gloryhole always let them watch me stroke hard and edge for a while, let them see me stand there mostly naked stroking furiously and the invites seem to follow. Registered chats, please using the Member panel in the sidebar. All user-submitted content including but not limited to photographs are the responsibility of and are owned by the contributor. Parents, prevent your children's access to this site.