Silver Saddle Ranch Resort

Silver Saddle Ranch

Chances are that Silver Saddle Ranch is unlike anywhere you have been before. That said, it is likely that once you visit it will become a favorite getaway for you, your family and your loved ones.

Surrounded by the stark beauty of the Mojave desert the ranch stands out like an emerald jewel against a buckskin background. The backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains frames stunning sunsets while the night skies light up with more stars than you have likely seen since childhood.

Speaking of childhood, the ranch is a wonderful place for kids of all ages to experience aspects of life simply not available in our modern, metro world of malls, movies and making a buck. Imagine being a child and trying archery for the first time, or coming face to face with a whiskered goat or a family of geese. Have you or your kids ever ridden a horse? This seemingly simple activity is a source of extreme smiles and happy memories for all the ranch kids and perhaps more so for their parents.

The grounds of the ranch are a cool and welcome surprise providing acres and acres of green lawn spread beneath large shady trees with peaceful waterways meandering throughout. The lawns provide a wealth of quiet spots just perfect for reading a book, having a picnic, reconnecting with someone special or simply savoring the quiet.

If you are looking for a bit more than riding a horse, conversing with a goat or snoozing under a tree, Silver Saddle Ranch offer loads of activities to keep you occupied. How about a nature hike, game of tennis, some kayaking or pool time? While the ranch is a great place to hear the peace and quiet of the desert one thing we don't hear a lot of are complaints of nothing to do. Activities or napping, we have you covered.

The ranch's resort buildings are crafted in a contemporary rustic style that brings the flavor of the old west to life without sacrificing the comforts you have come to expect. Full featured amenities such as the Desert Willow dining room, Old West saloon and expansive deck overlooking the Koi pond anchor the amenities while a workout room, salon, multiple pools and hot tubs, a video game room and even a library fill out the amenity list.

At Silver Saddle Ranch we love seeing our guest and members relax and have fun, we hope you will come and enjoy all that we have to offer.

Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
California City, California