Pond Scam at Silver Saddle Ranch raises Stink

April 15, 2013
pond at Silver Saddle Ranch

Spring always brings a list of clean-up work to any ranch and Silver Saddle Ranch is no exception. This year the beautiful ponds fell victim to pond scam. The scum blossomed this spring and quickly covered a large and growing portion of the pond’s surface. The burgeoning scam had the effect of killing off the fish in the pond as well as creating a bit of a stink. The ponds are now being treated with natural chemical solutions that should have the ponds free of the scum within a week or two.

It is not a totally uncommon occurrence for the Silver Saddle Ranch scam to have a blossom in the spring however, this spring the blossom was exceptionally bad. Experts attribute this large occurrence partly to an excessively warm spring raising the temperature of the pond water along with an excessive die off of micro organism that normally keep the pond chemistry, and scum, in balance.

The ponds have been a favorite with Silver Saddle owners and guests alike with the ponds providing a welcome fishing hole for kids as well as a play area for kayaking, paddle boats and RC boats. Ranch representatives say that the ponds will be restocked as soon as they know it is safe to do so. The Koi in the main resort pond were not part of the die off.

Silver Saddle Ranch & Club
California City, California