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Welcome Guest. Please or Register. Warrior Cats Forums. Off Topic Discussions. General Information. Home Search Drafts Hotlines.

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ET Welcome Guest. Smokey Feather StarClan Member. Pronouns: Smokey, Feather. Yes the banner says roleplay. I got it from a roleplay I used to have, and can't get it remade because the forumer, Silverwing, who made it no longer logs on :'3 Anypoodle This is a chatroom for all things Wizard!

Get help, tips, and talk about your adventures! If you want a long term spot in the group, just give me your W name, main School, level, and a little bit about you! I give the option for long springfield chat line number so maybe you can make friends in the game and go on more than one adventure!

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Sour Candy StarClan Member. Deleted Deleted Member. I have a full set of six characters though.

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I'm usually on either the vampire or orthrus servers bc the big servers lag and crash my poor old craptop. I saw w and clicked random webchat this so fast lol.

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OH so when someone who's not me makes a w post it gets paid attention to but whenever i make one i get crickets. Hello new friends. I might be on later today tbh. I keep waffling back and forth on whether I want to play diablo, pokemon, tboi, or w I've free porn phoenix chat been training some of my pets.

I wish you both would've replied earlier :'3 I only rented Mt. Olympus and ran out of time, and don't feel like spending more Crowns. Oh well.

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Until I'm able to buy more met me and chat, I'm stuck in Krokotopia and Marleybone :'3 Maybe we can still meet up though for something x3. What is the level cap anymore? I don't have chat room forums of Krok unlocked though. The quest for the Krokonomicon took me to Marleybone, and I'm like??? Now I'm mainly just doing whatever quest I see and hope it takes me back to Krok soon :'3 Maybe we can still get around a few places, or duel even?

I'm on almost every day, so it's alright. I'm honestly super bored, but if you can't that's alright. Smokey Feather i'm actually on rn, if you wanna meet up NOTE: Excessively spamming the shoutbox may result in chat with latinas 24 hour ban. Other forum rules still apply.

Please do not advertise by linking other websites. Members are encouraged to report offending content to the moderators by PM. Fire the Silver Wolf : school is like a younger cousin. It's annoying and they steal your sex chat certaldo if you take it out.

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May 2, GMT Fire the Phone swingers chat newark delaware Wolf : I may not be the smartest, but at least I can make stupid similes and metaphors.

Fire the Silver Wolf : Poetry can be fun to write, but only if you're inspired.

Saviors of the spiral {wizard chatroom}

Poetry is a lot like trying to get an egg through a hole. If you have to force it, it isn't republican chat room go well. Fire the Silver Wolf : It's dull as a doornail to read unless it's really deep though. Violetsky : So in Skyrim I was sent to a prison. Following my break-out I opened the chest with everything I owned inside.

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Except for a necklace which increased my max HP, that's gone Violetsky : So I had to roll back 2 hours because after completing a side quest literally everyone in text and chat world was trying to kill me, and I automatically failed a lot of main quests.

Violetsky : And with that over, I've finally got back the 3 hours of Skyrim that I had ly wasted. May 3, GMT Fire the Free online relationship chat Wolf : huzzah! At least you didn't get locked out of a side quest because you were teleported into a room for a mission, had no heals, went to sleep and got kidnapped by the dark brotherhood, preventing you from going back into the side quest. Violetsky : Problem now is I have several quest items in my inventory that will never go away.

Can you open back up a chat room?

Violetsky : Yeah I had to go back anyway because that side quest locked me out of another, much more important, side quest. Violetsky : I just thought it was another side quest. submissive talk

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Solve a murder mystery? In the end though, everyone wanted raleigh chat kill me and I was barred from entering cities.

Parent reviews for wizard

Thanks, I didn't ask for that. Lol May 3, GMT Violetsky : Yep. I just wished that quests like these came with a disclaimer. It's awesome for my stealth archer set-up. Problem is Fire the Silver Wolf : I typically go with the chat with local sluts in heincztanya gonna grab a sword flail randomly" approach, so I love all the heavy armor.

I also play it in VR, so I don't have to rochester ny chatline too much about bow damage.

I can spam arrows so fast, it's not even funny. Sour Candy StarClan Member Going to be fairly inactive for the foreseeable future, currently learning to drive. Until I'm able to buy more zones, I'm stuck in Krokotopia and Marleybone :'3 Maybe we can still meet up though for something x3 I wasn't really on because I was spending the domme chat city day weekend while ven chat had it off the computer.

I've completed everything in krok though. I could get my bf to in as well then. I already decided to play diablo. Is that you?